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Find your Path to
self-compassion and meaningful work
after Covid

The mission of M2S is to help you draw upon your education and self-knowledge to make the key changes necessary to transition successfully into the next steps in your path.


During the time of Covid, we have all gone through an extra tough period of adjusting to so many new challenges, and for many of us, that includes reimagining our futures.


When envisioning our next big step, we might need a powerful reminder of our skill-sets, natural talents, and positive experiences.


I developed the “Mind Mapping Makeover” (MMM) tool to help my students, academic mentees, clients, and friends to chart a path to their future goal. (Click on the link "Mind Mapping Makeover" to read the full description of the process).


Whether you are between degrees, a recent graduate, or thinking of switching fields – or you have a dream career goal in your heart – the MMM process can work for you as it has for so many young and mid-career professionals.


Mapping out the future in this way is a useful visualization process. I show you how to draw your map in stages—as a part of your own organic process.


With customized guidance through the mapping tool, you will learn how to use it to chart a course forward at any key challenging moment in your daily life and work.


Having in hand your illustrated reminder of your past accomplishments and future goals can be empowering to see--especially in challenging moments when our mind might be too preoccupied to see a clear visualization.


When guided by a mentor through the Mind Mapping process, you tend to not miss any blind spots.


Book your MMM session when you are ready, and we will map your skills, talents, life path and career goals!  



When we meet (online), we can also mentor you through the process of how to apply to globally innovative programs, competitive fellowships, internships, professional employment, or artist gigs. 

I also offer professional writing and editing of career-related documents (resume, CV, fellowship proposal, job application, cover letter) as well as email correspondence, interview prep, and publishable writing projects.

Check out more Testimonials of M2S Clients!

Book a session before October 27 and get 30% off.  


Free 20-minute Consultation* offered.

"The Mind-Mapping Makeover exercise was excellent in building a much stronger understanding of what is at the core of my professional goals. My Mind-Map is an incredibly useful tool that I still revisit even months after the initial activity was completed!"

~  Chris S., Assistant Principal, promoted in 3 months after her MMM, to Vice Principal and then Principal, Catholic School Board, Vancouver

"Jeff showed me how to write about my transferable skills and experience in my application for a new professional program, and I was given early acceptance!  I am excited about it.  I am amazed at Jeff's wide range of knowledge and skills which enabled me to regain confidence in making my application to take the first step in my new career." 

~  Donna T., transitioned into a new career, from Professor of History to IP Lawyer Melbourne, Australia

Navigating in Woods

Mind Mapping


We create, on one page, a map that shows you the ways your skills sets and talents sync up with your dream and goal...

Two Dried Leaves

The Tao of Finding Balance

Life throws many

surprises at us and while we cannot predict the outcome of any situation...

Checking Text on a Document


Document Editing

Editing your documents

requires professional guidance: we mentor you through writing your CV/résumé, cover letter, proposal...


Mentoring2Success guides you in how to:

  • Build your career development strategy

  • Design your own career "Mind-Map" that will show you how your talents and skill-sets sync up with your goals and dreams.

  • Write an excellent grant/fellowship proposal

  • Craft a stunning cover letter 

  • Prepare to ace your job interview 

  • Revamp your CV/Résumé 

  • Transition to your next degree...

    • from BA to MA, MA to PhD, or PhD to recovery, and then plan your next exciting project

  • Find your life-work balance


the right


Mentoring Offerings

Mind-Mapping Makeover

 Map of Your Path to Your Dream Career

A few years ago, I developed the Mind-Mapping Makeover (MMM), a simple but powerful technique that has become a favorite among my clients, students, friends, and family. Because many of us are visual learners and we value both knowing and seeing how our skills and experiences line up with our dream goal, it puts the power in our hands. Through the MMM process, you'll create a Mind-Map of your skill sets and positive life experiences, and see how to adjust your path direction to achieve your next goal.  

What is it?  We create a one-page Mind-Map that you take with you -- a Road Map that navigates you toward your next goal. Having a plan is one of the keys to a happier, healthier career. I mentor you through the dynamic process of how to create your own Mind-Map. 

When I have a new project and wonder how to accomplish it, I use the MMM. It's worked for my students, clients, friends and family.

Schedule a session today for yourself, or gift a session to a loved one.


The Tao of Finding Balance

Embracing Life’s Challenges

Life throws many surprises at us, and while we cannot predict the outcome of any situation, we can take control of how we respond to certain situations. With our mentoring sessions, you’ll learn about acceptance and how to exert your power of choice over whatever life may throw at you. After several sessions, you will become well-versed at handling issues whenever and wherever they arise.


Mentoring is more than an exchange of questions and answers. It is a process based on appealing to the wisdom in our hearts and deeper lessons from our life experiences. Wisdom comes in many forms, and in many persons, and I am open and listening to you to hear and learn from your wisdom.   


I feel incredibly grateful to have been mentored by renowned Tibetan masters for over twenty-five years. Having learned from their lifestyle and career choices, their ancient wisdom and gentle kindness, I can share these with you, if you would like.


As an ethnomusicologist, having focused my PhD studies on Machik Labdrön's Chöd tradition of "going to places that scare you," I have studied how music and health work together.  I can create music playlists for you based on your life rhythm to keep you energized and relaxed throughout the day!  Music is one of the most powerful tools for achieving more mindfulness throughout a task, whether working out in the gym or planning a week of meetings.

Mind Mapping Makeover
Tao of Finding Balance

Career-Steps Mentoring Sessions

How to Develop Your Voice!?

How to Write a Grant or Fellowship Proposal?

We work on big-picture strategy, and detailed, granular editing of fellowship, grant, and scholarship applications.


How to Write Your Bio?

Watch this video here!


Transitioning to a New Career or Role

Why is transitioning to the next stage of one's academic or professional career so challenging and mysterious?  How does one even begin?

M2S uses models and imagining by voicing and inscribing the potential future.  How does your voice sound? Let's find out.


Finding the way through a career transition? 

M2S guides young entrepreneurs and mid-life professionals in transition between careers in various fields -- in business, the arts, humanities, social sciences, academe, and the law.



Jeff's "Mind-Mapping Makeover" exercise was excellent in building a much stronger understanding of

what is at the core of my professional goals. My Mind-Map is an incredibly useful tool that I still revisit

even months after the initial activity was completed! 

 ~ Chris S., promoted in 3 months from Assistant Principal to Vice Principal to Principal,

in the Catholic School Board, Vancouver

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