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"Mind Mapping Makeover"

The Mind Mapping Makeover (MMM*) is a proprietary career development tool I designed to illustrate – on one page – your past and future accomplishments. 


The MMM is a powerful diagnostic tool implemented through a mentoring process.


It is based on first recalling your own unique skill sets, natural talents, and positive experiences that have made a difference to both yourself and others so far in your life. 


The unique Map you end up creating - in four dynamic stages - is the result of both your meditative reflection upon the past and your imagining of the future.


In stage three, you ask and answer: 

“What skills, talents, credentials, and experiences would someone need to be able to accomplish the dream goal I have in my heart?


Seeing the answer charted out in a logically structured way, enables you to get real about the possibility of reaching your unique goal (financial, etc.), and to become excited about your future fulfillment.



You find your future self in the answer. Once aligned with your purpose, your emotion, and the real possibility presented by the opportunity, you see the path to accomplish your dream clearly drawn, right on the page. 

By completing the fourth stage, your Mind Map helps you to stay focused through any bumps in the road. Plus you can adjust it accordingly, to innovate new smart pathways to your goal. 

My clients, colleagues, academic mentees, and friends have utilized the MMM with great success. Check out the testimonials! 

They found a way to see their unique Path through this process.

MMM is a valuable “life hack” because it just works!

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