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Life & Career Mentor

My "superpower" is the ability to recognize others people's "superpowers,"

their unique skill sets,

and natural talents.


I encourage each person's superpowers to shine. 

I aim to inspire you to actualize your skill sets and work at helping you represent your own superpowers to the world.

How? My "superpower" of seeing your skill sets and talents connects with my abilities and experience as a writer, editor, and mentor. I guide  in how to approach the creation of written materials so that your main message can be represented and heard clearly.  


I work collaboratively with you to help you find your voice. We cut through the jargon so you can effectively deliver your message:

  1. to your clients (e.g., to welcome clients and introduce your business),

  2. to a grant or fellowship selection committee (e.g., to share your academic and professional goals, how you plan to focus on the people you aim to benefit if you are awarded the opportunity), 

  3. to a university search committee (e.g., show how your skill sets, career goals, and natural talents would complement the school's mission, and why they should consider you for competitive entrance to your chosen school). 


Most important is the process by which my asking you some tough questions about deeper purpose and meaning, you can more easily decide on the key message you want to deliver, and how you wish to express it. This process itself can bring you and/or your organization to the next level of success--however you define success. 


I love it when, through the processes of mentoring while editing, my clients can find greater clarity--even refining a mission statement and vision. 


Schedule a session today for yourself, or gift a session to a loved one.



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