Mind Mapping Makeover

Mind Mapping

Mentoring2Success specializes in guiding individuals through a career development strategy called a "MindMappingMakeover" (MMM). The MMM is an innovative career skills assessment tool I developed to design customize research site placements for undergraduates learning qualitative research methods.


Through service-learning and community-based research in a well suited milieu, students were able to rapidly be of service, develop trust, and become changemakers in their community.  They rapidly augmented their learning curve. 

Now, outside of this course, the MMM has already helped many people advance toward their dreams with international grants, Fulbright fellowships, internships, and full-time positions at Northwestern and Cornell, to name but a few. 


The MMM first illustrates how your skills set can sync together with your long-term career dreams and/or your immediate goals.


With this "map" in hand, you become informed and able to design your strategic plan toward accomplishing your dreams and goals. 


Proceeding through the MMM process, and relying on the Mentoring2Success mission of service, you can use this important tool on the path to achieving your immediate or long-term career goal, in a way that is uniquely your own. But just like starting a new exercise work-out program, mind-body change doesn't happen overnight.

Make a commitment to yourself to live your dreams, and no one else's.   

Find your Path. Find your balance.

Let's start today by scheduling a session for you,

or gift a MMM to a loved one who is in transition.