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How to Tell Others What You Can Offer Them

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

I'll be honest with you all. I've been struggling a bit with the landing page of this website since I created it last fall. Questions have come to mind and preoccupied me. Questions like the following:

What words should appear first, "Transition" "How to..." "Find Balance...". What should the title be?

Which words should appear first for the darned algorithm to kick in?

Who is my audience?

And then I got specific last night. In a snow storm, at a Service Center, in a heated chair over coffee, it came to me. The question I should be asking is:

Who is in the audience that has already benefitted the most from what I offer--at least up until this moment?

Aha! Eureka!

Really??? Eureka?!!

Ok, maybe not quite that fast! It's too soon to tell, really. Right?

But I think there is an object lesson here, which I'd like to share with you.

What I wrote last night and posted now on the landing page of is, I think, WAY better than what I had there before. How so? Well, I think it's more honest -- just in the sense that it is more true to what I have already been offering and what clients have already been experiencing.

What is written and appears there now for anyone who visits the site is drawing directly upon the positive experiences of the recent past -- those positive vibes, and great feedback that I received from my clients, based on the successes they had after working with me. Those vibes, feedback, and successes are what made me feel inspired enough to take this massive leap into social entrepreurship one year ago.

So, that's the first point. Really, there's two points of this note to you guys. The first is simple. Here it is. If you're starting a social entrepreneurial service, it's because something you have already been doing has been working well for others and yourself. And now, the only HUGE difference is that you're getting more serious about doing more of it more often -- either part-time for more hours in the day, or full-time. So you need to cast a wider net, and be like a lighthouse, shining a stronger and wider search light, so more people who need what you offer can find you and learn about what you're doing.

So, if you're wondering what words should be first on your own website, ask yourself the question, "Who is the audience that has already benefitted from what I offer, at least up to this moment?"

And if you want to be more precise and dig deep down to the truth, you can ask yourself: "Who are the people -- the individuals I've worked with -- who have already benefitted from what I offer, at least up to this moment?"

And, so, for your convenience, and to mark this moment, here (below) is what's written on the landing page of this website It may change, of course, but as of today, this is who I think my clients look like, and how I am trying to reach out to them, and to find more people I can help.

Please let me know what you think of this landing page in the comments below. Thank you so much!!!

I'm a bit of a closet perfectioninst, but I'm learning that since we can always improve, we have to start somewhere! The one best way to improve your website messaging is by asking others for their honest feedback!

(Okay, so that's three points, lol!).

So, everyone...

Here is the new LANDING PAGE for MENTORING2SUCCESS.COM as of FEB 7 2020:

(*your feedback is welcome!)

How to Transition into a meaningful career

and work-life balance

Maybe you are a College/University

undergraduate or graduate student

approaching graduation day?


Maybe you are in a junior or mid-career position,

and planning a professional career change?

Mentoring2Success is the heart-focused social entrepreneurship project that I started as a way to help high-achieving multitalented individuals around the world to make one of the most important transitions in their life -- from a College/University degree, or a junior or mid-career position, into their next professional opportunity. 

But to do so without losing sight of who you are--that's the goal, isn't it? 

I help smart people to narrativize their own story -- in writing and in interviews -- and how to apply to innovative programs, fellowships, internships, or professional employment. 

The mission of M2S is to help individuals to draw upon their education and self-knowledge to transition successfully into a meaningful career and work-life balance.

**     **     ** 

Schedule your "Mind Mapping Makeover (MMM)" (2-3 hour session) today and we will map your skills, talents, life path and career goals. With a visual representation, we can customize a plan to put your best self forward at this key moment in your life & career. (Click on the link MMM above to read the description about the process).

Check out some of the M2S Blogs, and Testimonials of M2S Clients!

"Be kind to yourself and others!  Kindness makes all the difference!!"

"Kindness is the new Cool in 2020" -- J. Cupchik

Dr. Jeffrey W. Cupchik

Hey, everyone who read this blog post. Thank you so much. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel for weekly updates and advice, and hit the like heart button here. I really appreciate your feedback! Stay in touch and please let people know about what I can offer. Discounts are always available!

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Wonderful post! Even though I'm not thinking of making my own website I feel like I can also use this advice for my thesis or other papers. It's a nice approach to think of what your audience might expect, what you know has worked before, just focusing on the readers' interest(s).

Thank you, Jeff!

Gefällt mir
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