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My Process

Hi! My name is Dr. Jeffrey W. Cupchik.



Thank you for visiting me here!  

It's really great to meet you during this crazy Covid time, even if it is through this virtual online interface!  

I'll just describe a little about my Mentoring process and how my "services" -- which are really quite organic, because I like to meet clients where they are -- have benefitted people over the past several years. 

I'd also like to introduce you to the Mind Mapping Makeover (MMM), which is a career diagnostic and development tool that I created for my students in public health at the University of Rochester. I have since brought the Mind Mapping Makeover (MMM) to the public through Mentoring2Success.

You might find it useful for yourself, as others have (see the testimonials of some of the many clients who have benefitted from it).

To learn more about all the other services offered, feel free to contact me, and we can chat about what you need in terms of professional mentoring through a career shift, or professional editing of your career documents.


Why I Love Mentoring

I first learned about mentoring and coaching when I hit a roadblock in my own life and was struggling to move through it.

Some of the life-hacks and techniques I developed or adapted were so successful that people began asking me for help to move beyond their own challenges. This motivated me to turn my newfound passion into a social business. 


Since 2010, I have been mentoring some amazing people -- mostly junior profesionals and mid-career professionals, as well as new graduates of PhD, Master's and Bachelor degrees (see the About You page) -- through their higher education choices, through their switching careers and reorienting to a new career trajectory, and through their fellowship and job applications to new exciting opportunities.


What does "Success" mean?  

I have seen a remarkably high rate of achievement and clients' accomplishing their goals -- above 95%!   Seeing clients and students meet and exceed their goals after working with me--that is one reason why I decided to start M2S!  


About my Inspiration

Mentoring has been one of the most enriching experiences of my professional life. Through the dynamic process of mentoring—both in receiving guidance and in assisting others—my perspective and experience of being in the world has shifted.

Drawing from my experiences being supported by mentors over the course of my career, mentoring others became a natural process for me.

Personally, I love seeing the light bulb of realization turn on for a mentee when we consult together on a goal they have, and they see clearly how to adjust their efforts toward a path that is genuinely right for them at a particular moment in their life.


Finding a Path 

During my youth, I thought often about my career path. I was excited about a career composing music, but I also felt a call to service, where I could help people reach their full potential. I felt anxious about my future because I did not know "which profession" would allow me to do both. Finally, I found a way to put these two together, with Mentoring2Success. 

Let's engage in the process of charting a path to your goals while finding a compassionate balance to your life and career. 


When you book a session...

This website allows us to utilize the payment feature (administered through Stripe), and move right into working together on your future as soon as you book your session!

It makes it easier if people book through the website, because I'm just a little too shy when it comes to asking for payment from people I get along with so well. Giving away hundreds of mentoring hours for free is not the best business model, I've found.

You can book a free 20-minute consultation, so we can chat and see if there's a good vibe, and then dive right in. 

To book your mentoring session, click on the blue button below, then schedule your preferred time. 

What do you think so far?  Let me know


The Mentoring Process

Schedule your personalized mentoring session, and your own

Mind-Mapping Makeover today!


Gift a session to a loved one going through a challenging

time of tough decision-making!

Whenever you're ready, I'm ready to listen and guide you with the tools I have developed and some positive direction.

Stay Safe and Be Well! 


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