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What's an effective tool to

help you find your path?

Good Question! 

I hope you will check out a few words here in this blog post about what the process of trying my Mind Mapping Makeover technique feels like. 

It's a heart-centered career development and skills assessment tool. 

Working as a professor for 10 years in American Liberal Arts Colleges, and overseas universities, I've genuinely enjoyed the process of mentoring undergraduate and graduate students into the next career-related stage of their lives. 

I have also helped junior and mid-career professional positions to make a major professional career transition.  


Because of the successful results of my intuitive approach and the specific career development tools I've developed, students, clients, and colleagues encouraged me to open a consulting service. 

So, to be very honest with you all, I’m excited to finally share with everyone all the tools and techniques in the space of Mentoring2Success!  This is a social business and a portion of every dollar earned goes to charity.  

The M2S Mission - and my own personal mission - is to bring heart into helping individuals like you to identify your unique path, based on your natural talents, skill sets, and life goals--not necessarily in that order!


How does it work? I mentor you carefully through a process of learning how to tell your story.  Together we'll craft a meaningful narrative that will serve as a way to achieve your goals.  We do so by learning how to explain, in narrative form, your story, to various people you will encounter. 


You need to know how to articulate your own amazing story in ways that represent your goals and challenges in a grounded way in order to grow the roots deep down from which you can then create your own career or funding opportunity! 


You’re unsure of which of your life goals to develop first? Not to worry. You are not alone! 

We will figure all of it out.  How?  With the amazing MMM assessment tool I developed over the past ten years. 

By working through this amazing method for self-realization, and fulfillment, what I call the Mind Mapping Makeover (MMM) we will get there pretty fast.  

The Mind Map tool is an innovative graphing method I developed while working with my undergraduate students in public health.  Graphing?  It is a skills assessment and career development tool that helps us get down on one piece of paper your life goal and the path to achieving it. 


The tool has given the gift of insight to 20-year-old students, and mid-50s professionals.  With self-knowledge we can point you in the right direction at the right moment in their lives. 

A Mind Mapping Makeover session of three hours is $197.  Now offered for $167.   

Each of us can experience overwhelm when we have so many options. But few of us have a mentor who has developed a technique that turns that free jazz into a symphonic starting point.

We'll start this off, and I'll be sure to stand by you through the process.  

Check out the testimonials page.  

Email me at or


I look forward to helping you find your path to your goal, and the best ways to transition your way forward.




Dr. Jeffrey W. Cupchik

Founder and Director, Mentoring  2 Success

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